Etsy - an e-commerce platform

Etsy – A Potential E-Commerce Platform

Nowadays, e-commerce has become a new trend in the market. In particular, many people are interested in selling on Etsy today. This is a suitable direction if you want to expand your trading to other foreign markets. However, if compared with other e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopee, Taobao, etc., Etsy is somewhat still an unfamiliar name.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is an online shopping platform like eBay or Amazon, which brings together a community of online buyers and sellers inside a trading platform. What sets Etsy apart from the other two names is that it focuses on handmade crafts or antiques. Products sold on Etsy are also quite diverse, mainly crafts, jewelry, art, household appliances, paper goods, clothes, and even food.

Etsy - an e-commerce platform
Etsy – an e-commerce platform

Another interesting feature of Etsy is that it allows you to sell items as digital files for buyers to pay for and download to use. These items include stickers, prints, planners or other printed materials. Note further, when selling on Etsy, with the vintage catalog, it must be guaranteed to be 20 years old or more. The product categories are also extremely diverse and unique, as mentioned above.

Reasons to trade on Etsy

1. Lower selling costs and easier to receive payments than eBay

This is the first benefit that Etsy brings to the seller. Overall, the cost of selling on Etsy is quite low compared with eBay, bringing many advantages to sellers in terms of costs. In addition, Etsy supports many different payment methods for users and merchants. As a result, sellers can withdraw money quickly and easily, unlike eBay where sellers can only withdraw money via PayPal, not to mention its fees are quite high.

2. Lower shipping cost

As mentioned above, this is an online shopping platform specializing in handmade goods. That’s why Etsy has chosen small delivery units to cooperate with. The benefit is that the shipping costs are kept to a minimum.

Etsy offers a lower shipping cost
Etsy offers a lower shipping cost

To make it easier to understand, when comparing Etsy with other platforms like eBay or Amazon, the fact that these two names sell a lot of different items, resulting in their shipping costs will also be higher if compared to small e-commerce platforms like Etsy. You can also take advantage of our Etsy shipping coupon for an even better price on your delivery cost.

3. Free advertising when trading on Etsy

When sellers post products on Etsy, the platform will use Google’s product listing ads by default. This advertising done by Etsy is free of charge, the seller does not need to spend any advertising cost for this marketing service.

Free advertising on Etsy
Free advertising on Etsy

To be more specific, when a customer searches for the product “handmade bracelet” on Google, Etsy will automatically turn on ads about the handmade bracelet product that you post for sale. In addition, Etsy also offers an additional advertising service package for sellers if there is a need to drive higher revenue. Etsy’s advertising service package will add several marketing features like high-volume keyword, related product advertisement, display advertising forms (videos, viral clips, etc.), and so on.