Amazon understands its customers

Get Everything You Need With Amazon

In your daily life, you have certainly heard of “Amazon”, especially those with online shopping habits. Amazon is the name of the longest river in the world and also is the name of the biggest online retailer company. So what does this brand do and what makes it so successful? Let’s find out through the content of this blog.

What is Amazon?

Amazon was founded by Jeffrey P. Bezos. In the early 90s, shopping demand in the world, especially in developed countries, was increasing day by day. On the other hand, this is also the time when the internet is on the rise. Realizing this trend, Jeffrey P. Bezos decided to establish Amazon – an online sales website. And in July 1995, the website was officially formed and put into operation.

Amazon – the biggest online retailer in the world

At first, the website was originally named Cadabra, Inc. However, because the pronunciation is similar to the word “Cadaver”, which means “corpse”, Jeffrey P. Bezos decided to change the name to Amazon – The longest river in the world. The first item sold on Amazon was books. This was also the time to mark the transition from traditional book-buying to online book purchasing.

What does Amazon do?

You can notice that in the logo of Amazon, there is an arrow pointing from the first letter of the alphabet – A to the alphabet’s last letter – Z. This is a unique idea that shows the intention of the founder of Amazon. Through this logo, online shoppers around the world know that at Amazon, they can find anything they are looking for.

The operating model of Amazon

The market that Amazon exploits is also extremely large. Currently, in addition to its headquarters in the United States and the online trading website for the U.S, Amazon also has many separate websites for other countries and continents such as the UK, Japan, Italy, etc.

After many years of development, Amazon is not only an e-commerce website specializing in selling books anymore. It has gradually expanded its scale. The items on the website become more diverse and rich, including CDs, discs, electronics, home appliances, toys, and so on.

What makes this online retailer so successful?

1. Product variety

The special thing about Amazon is that they not only sell books but also supply every kind of different item. It can be said that Amazon is no different from a shopping center where you can search for a variety of products such as clothes, household appliances, computers, gardening tools, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.

2. Know its customers

Amazon knows its customers well. When you visit Amazon’s website, you can see products recommended for you in terms of preferences, best-sellers, most-used, etc.. Amazon keeps track of what you’re looking for on its website to provide you with the most relevant products. It can be said that Amazon is one of the few e-commerce sites that can do one thing best: understand its customers very well.

Amazon understands its customers

3. Specific evaluation policy

Another interesting thing about Amazon is the product review and evaluation policy. The most important thing when buying online is trust in the product. Understanding this, Amazon always encourages its users to review and comment on the products they have purchased. Thanks to that, other people can know about these products well before making a purchase decision. You can also refer to our Amazon discount code to buy your things at a reasonable price. 

4. Do not stop improve

Amazon does not stop there. They have constantly created and developed many unique, meaningful, and especially useful inventions for our lives. Some typical inventions and innovations of Amazon can be mentioned such as their management of goods and products by automatic systems and robots, or delivery via drones.