Hand wash vs machine wash - Which washing method is best

Hand Wash Vs Machine Wash: What Is The Best Way To Wash Your Clothes?

The question of hand wash vs machine wash – which is better – has always been a topic of interest to a lot of people, especially homemakers. Each of these options can benefit you in different ways, but can also place heavy burdens on your shoulders. It requires evaluation in multiple aspects to find out which washing method is best, and today’s article will show you the exact information that you need to answer this question.

Hand wash vs machine wash - Which washing method is best
Hand wash vs machine wash – Which washing method is best?

Damages To Clothes

Rubbing clothes with your own hand is always a better option if you want your clothes to stay new.

Not all fabrics are machine-washable. The washing process of a washing machine is mainly based on the agitation mechanism, which can cause microscopic damages to your clothes, reducing their lifespan greatly.

It wouldn’t be the case with hand washing. By using basic mechanical movement (hand movement in this case), you can effectively minimize damages to your clothes, maintaining their durability.


A washing machine can help clean your clothes relatively well on an overall level. It means that for common, easy-to-clean dust and smells, machine washing the clothes is enough.

However, when it comes to stubborn stains, only hand washing can solve the problems. You can apply more laundry detergent to a specific stain and focus on scrubbing only that spot to completely remove it.

There are many types of laundry detergent with a strong cleansing capacity, so you can look for laundry detergent coupons to get them at a good price.

Resource Consumption

When talking about resource consumption, hand wash vs machine wash – each of these options has its own characteristics.

Washing clothes by hand can be very water-consuming. When hand washing your clothes, it’s impossible to control the amount of water that spills out, resulting in you using more water than you actually need.

On the other hand, washing machines are extremely good at maintaining water, which helps you save water very effectively. In turn, using a washing machine can create a real burden on the electricity costs. However, there are many energy-efficient washing machine lines that can help, and you can get your ideal one at an affordable price using washing machine coupons.

Washing machines are water-saving but electricity-consuming
Washing machines are water-saving but electricity-consuming

Time and Energy Required

With a couple of t-shirts, handwashing them shouldn’t be a big deal. However, just imagine hand washing the entire family’s clothes, that prospect is worse than living in hell.

Hand washing such a load of clothes can take you an hour. Besides, scrubbing each piece of clothing by hand is really an exercise. It’s not just your hands that have to suffer, but so do your legs. You will have to squat, for an hour straight, to wash your clothes. This process is even more intense than going to the gym.

A washing machine, on the other hand, can do all the work in 30 minutes, or even faster when you know how to use the washing machine properly. Especially, there is no physical activity required, so you don’t have to exercise reluctantly, and you don’t even have to supervise the washing machine throughout the process.

Bottom Line

Long story short, hand wash vs machine wash, none of them is the absolute perfect option. They have their own upsides and downsides, and the answer to the question of which one is better largely depends on your needs, your time budget, and your financial budget as well. The above assessments can be an efficient tool to help you choose the most beneficial washing method in all respects.