The Luxurious, modern and durable look of wooden furniture

Trends Of Using Interior Furniture In 2021

Although many materials can be used in the furniture industry such as glass, stone, plastic, etc., designers and families still have a certain preference for wood. This blog will give you an inside understanding of the trends in using wood furniture in 2021.

Why is wooden furniture popular in interior design?

Wood is a natural product, bringing a sense of closeness. Wood has the feature of creating a warm atmosphere for the house in the winter and a cool feeling in the summer. Because of being made of natural material, people will feel the harmony of nature when they use these products.

The Luxurious, modern and durable look of wooden furniture
The Luxurious, modern and durable look of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is increasingly popular thanks to its luxurious, modern and durable look. Furniture made of wood has both classic features and modern sophistication. Many people are interested in wooden furniture, so that the material they choose for their household items such as bowls, chopsticks, drinking glasses… are all made of wood. Nowadays, traditional flower vases and porcelain pots are also replaced by wooden vases and pots.

Many restaurants, resorts, and amusement parks tend to use more wooden decoration to create a friendly & cozy atmosphere for customers.

The benefits of using wooden furniture

The advantage of wooden furniture in interior design is that they are easy to combine harmoniously with different spaces in terms of style, color, etc. Wooden decor can be used in any home architecture. Whether the designing style is modern or traditional, it can still meet those designing requirements perfectly.

Furniture made from wood is often more durable and lasts longer than other materials. The price of wooden furniture is also diverse so there can be many suitable choices for each customer. You can refer to IKEA top furniture for some choices of interior furniture made of wood, and use our wooden furniture discount code for a better price when shopping. 

Trends of using interior furniture

1. Synthetic wood material

With the fact that the amount of wood in nature is gradually decreasing and the demand for products made of wood is increasing, the ownership of natural wood stuff requires consumers to have an abundant financial resource. As a result, many people decide to switch to synthetic wood materials.

There are many types of processed wood that are currently used such as MDF, veneer, and MFC. Due to the mass production in terms of quality, size, and color, these types of wood are easy to construct and maintain. Although the long-term value of this product is not as high as natural wood, more than 90% of furniture today uses synthetic wood.

2. Simple design

Simplicity is becoming a trend in every interior design today. This style is suitable for young people living in apartments. The simplicity is shown through designs, colors, simple shapes without complicated details.

Simple design
Simple design

3. Maximum function and use

In modern life, users have a demand for wooden furniture having many functions and being easy to maintain. 

A Multipurpose wooden bed
A Multipurpose wooden bed

Due to the limit of house area, it is important to take advantage of those spaces at maximum pade. It is necessary to use multi-purpose wooden furniture. For example, the wooden table and bed have many drawers below, the stairs can also include shelves, etc.