Drink water regularly

Valuable running experiences for beginners

In order to run for a long time without feeling tired or losing a lot of strength, runners must equip themselves with certain necessary knowledge. So let’s see the endurance running experience for beginners in the article below.

Nutrition program

Health is a factor that directly affects your running. In this sport, the body will need a lot of energy to maintain the training session for a long time. Therefore, the principle of choosing food when eating is extremely important. You should prioritize foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Remember to add carbs before each run, but avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest and contain a lot of fat.

Appropriate costumes 

You will not be able to run when wearing clothes that are too loose or shoes that are not the right size for your feet. To avoid falling into a situation where your run is hampered by clothing, it’s best to take your time to find the right costumes such as good sweat-absorbing clothes, running shoes, hats, towels and watches to track your distance.

Running clothes
Running clothes

Don’t skip the warm-up

Whether you choose to run short or long distances, warm-up is extremely important. Your muscles and joints will be slowly moved, the joints are lubricated to be able to work more smoothly and rhythmically.

Warm up before running
Warm up before running

Breathe properly

According to many coaches in this running field, one of the reasons why runners lose strength is improper breathing. The best technique is to inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth. In particular, breathing needs to go along with the rhythm of running to improve your training efficiency.

Drink water often

When running, the body often sweats a lot, leading to dehydration. There are many large- capacity sports water bottles on the market. Using sports water bottles can help you carry more water than regular ones, while helping you protect the environment by not releasing plastic waste into the environment. Equip yourself with a dedicated sports water bottle at a reasonable price by applying sports water bottle discount codes.

Drink water regularly
Drink water regularly

Don’t put too much effort at the beginning

Endurance running is different from running short distances. Therefore, do not try too hard in the first distances. It is best to run slowly, find a running rhythm that suits your body. After that, you can accelerate, adjust the speed when you feel tired and continue the distance when you have recovered.

Relax your body after running

After running, many people are so tired that they sit down immediately hoping that they can rest quickly. However, this is a wrong action, which can directly affect your health. It is best to walk for a few more minutes, relax your body and stretch your muscles to help your body recover faster.

Motivation for endurance running

Running is a subject that helps you practice patience and perseverance very well. While running, you can motivate yourself by listening to music while running. Bring a portable music player, headphones and let yourself be relaxed with your favorite songs. Finally, find a companion to encourage and support you throughout your workout.